sara jackson

Humanity—it is what has kept me inspired to continue pursuing the life of an artist.

As a performing artist, I strive to employ my instrument towards transformation.
As a visual artist, I aim to capture the spirit of a subject in a still image.
As a creative being, I long for unity as a collective, so our dreams have the ability to find their place in this existence.

Sara Jackson is a film and stage actress based out of Tucson, Arizona. She has been in eight feature films, over thirty short films, and more than a dozen stage productions.
She is currently working on her undergraduate degree in Theatre, with a minor in Marketing at the University of Arizona. After graduating, she wishes to pursue performance art nationwide and abroad. In the long term, Sara would like to venture toward directing and starting her own theatre/company.

In her spare time Sara enjoys working behind the camera as a photographer, exercising practices in philanthropy, and giving her time to better the world around her.